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langset leadership conference in hammerfest

The Autumn 2019 Langset leader conference kicked off in  Hammerfest, Norway. The host of the conference, Bengt Holmgren-Managing Director of Hammerfest Industriservice-welcomed leaders from all companies in the Langset portfolio.

A highlight of the conference included touring our new, state-of-the-art workshop at Polar Base. Hammerfest Industriservice has the distinction of serving Hammerfest and northern Norway with workshop services for over 70 years. With the addition of the facility at Polar Base, Hammerfest Industriservice is uniquely positioned to serve the growing Barents Sea gas & oil fields in addition to expanding services to existing customers in the maritime & industrial sectors.

Langset is excited to be a part of the developing Barents Sea exploration along with Hammerfest Industriservice. Thank you to Bengt and his team for hosting a fantastic leader conference!