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Hammerfest Industriservice Secures Ocean Installer contract

The contract awarded to Hammerfest Industriservice in December 2018 will include the fabrication and delivery of 23 subsea spoolers to the Ocean Installer project in the Barents Sea field. This contract comes on the heels of the announcement that Ocean Installer successfully secured a contract with Equinor in February 2018 worth 800 million NOK.  

"This is a lucrative contract for Hammerfest Industriservice which will also contribute to the collective value of the overall products and services we can deliver to Ocean Installer." said Bengt Holmgren, General Manager of Hammerfest Industriservice. 

As of January 2019, Hammerfest Industriservice began operations at their newest workshop at Polarbase, located 5 kilometers from Hammerfest. Services offered at the new Polarbase workshop will also include the addition of welding robotics, with support from Innovation Norway in the form of support and financing. 

Fabrication of the 23 subsea spoolers is scheduled to begin in the 3rd quarter of 2019 with completion in the first quarter of 2021.