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Apply Sørco awards nationwide supply agreement to Hammerfest Industriservice

Hammerfest Industriservice (HIS) announced this week that they will provide primary supplier/contractor service of structure prefabrication and piping systems for Apply Sørco in Norway. This agreement will encompass all operations in both northern and southern installations. This agreement includes MMO contracts through 2022 with an option to extend to 2026.

Installation services to include all of Apply Sørco clients including Statoil, Lundin and ENI, with the additional option of delivering installation services offshore.  

"This agreement is a milestone for HIS which has had intense focus on acquiring certification to deliver total installation services." Said Managing Director in HIS, Bengt Holmgren. "Through several years of hard work and systematic follow-up, HIS has proven to be the reliable and professional supplier of services to both Goliath and LNG. HIS has worked closely with Apply Sørco in conjunction with the start-up of Goliath and looks forward to a continued good working relationship." Added Holmgren.