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Norwegian Marine Interior awarded historic Hurtigruten contract

Langset company NMI (Norwegian Marine Interior) has entered into an agreement with Kleven Shipyard to deliver and install all fittings and furnishings for two new cruise ships commissioned by Hurtigruten, the renowned Norwegian cruise line specializing in routes throughout Norway and the Arctic Ocean. The combined contracts for both vessels are valued in excess of several hundred million nok with an option for 2 additional vessels. 

NMI has gotten off to a running start since the company's founding in 2014. Competing for and winning several prestigious contracts early on, NMI has also recently purchased the now-defunct Bergens marine interior firm. 

"The size and importance of the Hurtigruten agreement will have far-reaching and positive results for all of the companies within the Langset portfolio" said Odd Arne Langset, Chairman of the board, Langset AS."We plan to use local contractors and expertise whenever possible. For example; we will use a local marine interior firm in Angvik, among others. We are also pleased that this contract will have positive consequences for 500-700 employees in addition to creating new jobs for our home county of Nesset" Langset added.  

2018 and 2019
NMI will be responsible for project management, delivery and installation of all interior fittings and furnishings onboard the two vessels including public areas, galleys, cabins, suites and technical insulation. The first ship is scheduled for completion before July 2018 with the second to be delivered in 2019. 

The ships are of the NVC 2140 design class produced by Rolls-Royce. Norwegian Marine Interior will also collaborate with several internationl operators including Nordic Ship Interior, Estonia-based De Rossi ship interiors as well as equipment supplier Almaco of Finland. 

"Since it's founding in 2014, NMI has been a frontrunner in marine interior design and installation. Leadership in both Langset AS and in NMI have been confident that the young firm would be successful." Odd Arne Langset continues:"This is due, in fact, to the many decades of experience the dedicated team at Norwegian Marine Interior holds in interior craftmanship for cruise ships, ferries, offshore and fishing vessels. As well, local shipyards have been very positive toward NMI, and have proven their confidence by awarding the company several important contracts in recent months."

Norwegian Marine Interior has maintained a strong and positive growth from day one, with several confirmed orders on the books. Even before the awarding of the Kleven shipyard contract for Hurtigruten, NMI had already established itself as a well-known operator with several long-term framework agreements in place at several shipyards on Norway's northwestern coast. 

NMI's Administrative Director, Frank Sandøy, was jubilant when, after weeks of tough competition among several high-profile international operators in the marine interior sector, NMI was named the winner of the lucrative Hurtigruten contract. 
Sandøy explains:"The founding of Norwegian Marine Interior has always been an integral part of a long-term strategy." 

Odd Arne Langset continues "With NMI, we have been able to quickly access the synergy within our existing marine interior value chain while utilizing the invaluable level of experience found in our other marine-related businesses. Our vision is to position NMI as the preferred vendor and first choice for interior design and technical insulation for all maritime vessels and installations and that Norwegian Marine Interior be synonymous with the highest standards in quality and safety.

 "The signing of the Hurtigruten contract highlights that we are in fact closer than ever to achieving this vision, perhaps faster than even we could have imagined."Concluded Frank Sandøy. 



Norwegian Marine Interior will provide interiors and fittings for 2 new Hurtigruten cruise ships of NVC 2140 design by Rolls-Royce (pictured here).