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langset maritime to certify 25+ vessels for marine harvest asa

Marine Harvest ASA is one of the world's largest seafood companies maintaining operations in 24 countries.They are the world's largest producer of Atlantic salmon-supplying one fifth of global demand- in addition to playing a significant leading role in Norway's farm fishing industry.  

The newly-awarded contract between Langset Maritime and Marine Harvest southern division will begin October 2015 and include the following services:

-Certification of vessels
-On-sight vessel modification and maintenance
-Mechanical inspection of vessles
-Stability testing
-Balance, ballast and incline testing
-Systematizing of procedures and certifications

Langset Maritime has also recently been awarded the maintenance and operations contract for the Norcem silo located in Molde, Norway. 

The agreement between Langset Maritime and Marine Harvest ASA solidifies Langset's commitment to delivering advanced technologies and services to the Farm Fishing and Biomass sectors.