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Hybond seeking applicants for CEO position

Langset company Hybond is currently seeking candidates for the position of CEO. Applicants should possess a strong strategic and organizational competence within the technology sector. 

The CEO of Hybond will be tasked with planning and executing the company's active transition from R&D to a more industrialized position. Hybond is a company with superb potential and ambition and a crucial task of the new CEO will be to secure a solid foundation for strategic growth in close cooperation with company owners and partners. Applicants must have practical operative experience in addition to a strong background in finance. 

Hybond AS was established in 2007 by Langset in cooperation with NTNU (Norwegian Technical Science University). The company was formed essentially to continue the progression of the revolutionary HYB-process (Hybrid Metal Extrusion & Bonding) a process first envisioned by Professor Øystein Grong of NTNU. The HYB is a process of aluminum welding technology based upon the unique properties of aluminum.

In 2014, Statoil and Cardo partners became part-owners of Hybond together with Langset and NTNU with the goal of developing and bringing to market the HYB process.

Hybond is now poised to begin operations in an industrial environment. Practically, this  will necessitate the creation of an organization with the technical competence and capacity to carry out large-scale welding projects in addition to forming alliances with industry-sector partners.  

Hybond AS currently has 5 employees and has established workshops in both Trondheim and Raufoss. 

Position Description

CEO Goals:
-Combined results for company as a whole
-Ensure technology advances and transitions to industrial application
-Establish partnerships with industrial operators
-Secure patent strategies for protection of technology
-Capture and develop critical competence in line with company    strategy
-Secure long-term financial support for the company

CEO Key Tasks
-Management of operations & finance
-Responsible for technology progression & meeting goals
-Manage existing parnterships and agreements
-Establish new business opportunities and partnerships
-Continuation of patent strategies
-Build a strategic network
-Foster a pro-active working environment with a focus on strong technological competence 

Applicant Qualifications Include:
-University degree required in technical sciences. Ideally Master's degree or higher in Mechanical or Material Technology fields, etc. 
-Experienced Managing Director, Operations Leader or Project Manager
-Real-world experience in strategic planning & implementation
-Experience internationally with good presentation skills
-Effective communicator with both internal & external parnters
-Strong work capacity & ethic
-Effective at implementation & follow-through with focus on development and results
-Fluent in English and Norwegian, written & oral
-Strong administrative skills

The CEO will report directly to the Board of Directors as represented by the Chairman of the Board. 

Place of employment: Trondheim or Raufoss, Norway.