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Hammerfest Industriservice sign 3-year Frame agreement With subsea 7

Hammerfest Industriservice has joined with Subsea 7 in a 3-year frame agreement. The frame agreement further strengthens both HIS and Subsea 7 positions in securing contracts in conjunction with the Johan Castberg oilfield in the Barents Sea. 

"The frame agreement with Subsea 7 will give us an advantage when competing for contracts in 2018 and beyond. The scope and technical specifications, for example in welding technology, of the Johan Castberg projects will be among the most sophisticated and demanding ever seen in the Norwegian Oil industry " explained Bengt Holmgren, Managing Director, Hammerfest Industriservice.

In addition to securing high-profile and lucrative contracts with Barents Sea oil & gas projects, the newly-signed agreement with Subsea 7 will also serve to promote the quality and expertise of the workshop resources available in Hammerfest and Finnmark.