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Brødrene Langset receives top marks in Department of labor review

Department of Labor representatives conducted a mandatory inspection at corporate headquarters of Brødrene Langset on May 9th, 2015. 


The scheduled inspection was carried out by Department of Labor delegates in cooperation with NAV (Norwegian national insurance scheme) and Langset corporate health provider, Stamina. The 8-hour inspection was carried out indicating superlative HSE organization, reporting and results within Langset!

Areas of focus during the inspection:

-Company organization
-Employee engagement & participation
-Employment agreements, wage & hour division
-HSE work & internal audit
-Safety control protocols
-Active corporate health provider 
-Facilitation of general & specialized work areas
-Auditing and follow-up of sick-leave cases

In conclusion, Department of Labor inspectors issued the following statement:
"Based upon review criteria and the ensuing inspection, the Department of Labor can find no cause to issue a warning or violation for any of the areas covered. The Department of Labor is convinced that the company maintains a well-functioning and effective HSE system with employees being both informed and actively participating in this system. These are positive factors in a good working environment, and the Department of Labor encourages the company to continue maintaining these standards with a constant focus on improvement wherever possible."