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BIO3000 estimator presenting at Aquasur International fair in chile october 17th-20th

AquaSur International Fair is considered to be the most important aquaculture event in the southern hemisphere. Over 1,000 companies from 5 continents will be present at the 11,500 sq.m. exhibition hall in Puerto Montt, Chile. 

Langset-owned iTecSolutions Systems & Services have developed and brought to market the groundbreaking biomass estimator BIO3000. Featuring superior proprietary software, BIO3000 offers customers exceptional imaging & measuring of farmed fish online and in real-time. 

Digital Blue, an established Chilean aquaculture vendor, wil be the exclusive representative of BIO3000 at the 2018 AquaSur fair

We are proud of the technological capacity of the BIO3000 estimator and the dedicated team at iTecSolutions Systems & Services. We are confident that the partnership agreement with Digital Blue will bring the BIO3000 to both the Chilean market as well as the broader international market.