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Amof Fjell on target to fulfill contracts for nok 200 million

AMOF Fjell Process Technology AS is on track in 2018 to deliver and install 8 compact fishmeal factories onboard Russian-owned fishing trawlers. In addition, Amof Fjell has secured  an agreement for the design and fabrication of a land-based facility for the YUKR fishmeal factory on the island of Kunashir in Russia. The combined sum of the marine compact & land-based contracts are in excess of nok 200 million. 

"A large part of the Russian trawler fleet is preparing for major upgrades. In addition, both the Russian government as well as private fleet owners recognize the value of retaining as much raw nutrient material as possible from the catch " said Managing Director for AMOF  Fjell Process Technology Jan Terje Sønstabø in an interview with Maritimt Magasin (Maritime Magazine).

 Industry data reveals that up to 20-40% of fish that has been either caught or farmed ends up as either waste or raw material for agricultural use.  Amof Fjell recognizes the  potential  of retaining and refining the raw material of international farm and trawler fishing for both human and animal consumption.
Customers who have received or have pending orders for compact fishmeal factories include Nord Pilgrim, ArkHangelsk Trawl Fleet and FOR Group. 

With a newly-established daughter company located in St. Petersburg, Russia, AMOF Fjell is uniquely positioned to service existing customers in Russian in addition to capturing additional lucrative contracts in the region.