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15 000+ hours in prestige project work for Brødrene Langset at vard shipyards

Brødrene Langset have secured contracts at 3 of Vard's shipyards in Sunnmøre in Søvik, Brattvåg and Tomrefjord. Contracted work will focus on the outfitting of several vessels.
Most prestigious of the projects at Brattvåg will be NB 830 Normand Maximus, at over 180 meters in length with a 33-meter beam, the NB 830 Normand Maximus is considered to be the most technically-advanced construction vessel in the world. The ship is equipped with 3 moon pool units, 2 of which will be used to launch underwater robots, the 3rd unit to lay both cable and piping. 
Brødrene Langset will be involved in the work of both creating an access entry and for the loading and installation of exceptionally large components onto the vessel-for example an 85-ton cylinder and a cylinder rack weighing 65 tons.  
Additionally, Brødrene Langset will  be involved in the installation of other heavy components onboard including the NOV 900 ton and NOV 150 ton cranes as well as the welding of the pedestals for both. 

In total, the projects at Vard yards are projected to generate in excess of 15,000 hours of work with the expectation of additonal work/hours to be added as projects progress.