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iTecSolutions Systems & Services

iTecSolutions Systems & Services offers technology for optimized and cost-effective subsea and underwater imaging. 


We provide:
- Personnel with extensive knowledge and competence in offshore requirements and regulations within the oil industry.

- Dedicated operators qualified to perform subsea measurements on a worldwide basis.

- Expert project management and fulfillment.

iTecSolutions Systems & Services offers:
- subsea surveys and measurements
-develop 3D modelling, calculations and drawings (AutoCad & Inventor)
-perform engineering and fabrication of subsea equipment in cooperation with our parent company, Langset.
-cutting-edge udersea imaging technology provides a groundbreaking tool for the subsea industry with the ability to digitally measure and capture 3D images of underwater structures in 'real time'. Every image taken by the Scopos Investigator is captured digitally in 3D format and archived for future inspections. For our customers this equates to enormous savings, as it eliminates the need for additional IMR vessel and ROV requisitioning to obtain new measurements.

This company has no listed vacancies at this time.
Name Position Phone Email
Svein K. Krossli General Manager + 47 45 51 99 88 Send e-mail