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Pictured left to right: Odd Arne Langset, Kurt Asle Arvesen, Jan Tore Langset

All great achievements share common elements. Brothers Odd Arne and Jan Tore Langset discovered this in the early 1980's. By forming alliances within their local athletics environment, they gained valuable insight into key theoretical and practical factors that translate to successful competition in international sports.  Paired with their previous experience in talent development, they refined their grasp of the intricate interplay between global sports and business.

Today we are all well-acquainted with the synergy between sports and business. Background stories are commonly told by successful athletes at the end of their playing careers when they begin plying the lecture circuit with their "winning formulas" and "recipes for success".

The story of the Langset brothers and their partnership with professional cyclist Kurt Asle Arvesen is quite different. It is a story of their long journey together to reach the top.

The Langset family were enthusiastic supporters of and the driving force behind the cycling environment in Nesset, a small municipality of 3,000 inhabitants located on the western coast of Norway.

In Nesset, the young, talented cyclist Kurt Asle Arvesen was sponsored by two equally young entrepreneurs, Jan Tore and Odd Arne. This cooperation enabled them to test techniques and theories that would become the cornerstones of their shared vision of winning and ultimately lead to success in both cycling  and business.

From this platform, Kurt Asle would, in 1997, go on to win the World Cycling Championship for 23- year-olds. Kurt Asle continues to compete professionally and achieved his highest international ranking in the World Cycling Championship in 2009.

As well, Jan Tore and Odd Arne Langset would together found and grow one small business in Nesset into what is now The Langset Group, a thriving portfolio of companies with over 450 employees in Norway and abroad.

As the successful alliance between the Langset brothers and Kurt Asle Arvesen demonstrates: willpower, talent and an uncompromising dedication to quality will produce the desired results.