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About us

Langset is a portfolio of companies delivering project solutions and resources to the Oil & Gas, Energy, Maritime, Processing and Aquaculture Sectors.

Our corporate headquarters are located in Molde, Norway. Additional offices, fabrication & service facilities are located throughout Norway and abroad. 


Flexibility, paired with the expertise to quickly respond to our customer's needs both in Norway and internationally are hallmarks of our success. For over 20 years, our ability to deliver professional solutions while adhering to national and international industry standards has positioned us as a preferred contractor and partner. Safeguarding employee health, maintaining excellent jobsite safety and prioritizing environmental protection remain the guiding principles of Langset.

Langset maintains an unrelenting focus on HSE, cost-effectiveness and quality control. Our vision and long-term goal is to remain the leading provider of project solutions and technical resources in the markets that we serve.

Our unique combination of multi-disciplinary expertise supported by our diverse network of companies make us The Team for You.